Common wage and overtime violations

Many companies violate federal and state laws protecting the wage and overtime rights of employees and their families. We fight for the rights of employees. Our firm has the experience, staff, and financial resources to take on companies of any size whether it be in a small individual action or a large class action.

Some of the most common wage and overtime violations include:

  • Failing to pay employees for all time spent working
  • Failing to pay for "unauthorized overtime"
  • Applying rounding rules that shortchange employees
  • Misclassifying salaried employees as exempt "managers," "supervisors," "administrators," or "professionals"
  • Allowing work during meal breaks
  • Classifying employees "independent contractors" instead of "employees"

Holleman & Associates is currently investigating various industries that commonly violate employment laws. Some of our current general investigations into these practices are listed below. If you believe you may have experienced an unlawful employment practice, please contact us or click on the "Take Action" button to the left and complete the form to discuss your potential claim.

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
  • Gas Field Workers
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Workers
  • Jailors and Police Officers
  • Restaurant and Retail Assistant Managers
  • Poultry Workers
  • Janitorial Services
  • Independent Contractors

You have rights, take action. Arkansas minimum wage and overtime law.